How to be reclassified as a Professional Client

Two out of the three Criteria below are required:

  • Carried out at least 10 trades per quarter with a total volume of transactions at least 500'000 EUR  (Leveraged).

  • Size of your Investment Portfolio (excluding illiquid assets such as real-estate properly etc) should exceed €500,000*

  • You have sufficient experience in the financial sector, or in a similar sector, for at least one year which requires knowledge of the transactions or services envisaged

Request Reclassification to Professional Client




Investors Compensation Fund up to €20'000 per client Non Applicabile
Max leverage: CFDs on major currency pairs (eg. EUR/USD)* 200:1
Max leverage: CFDs on major indices (eg. DAX), gold, minor currency pairs* 200:1
Max leverage: CFDs on commodities other than gold (eg.oil)


Max leverage: CFDs on cryptocurrency (eg. bitcoin) 5:1
Negative balance protection
Segregation of funds on accounts  
Range of markets CFDs on currency pairs, indices, commodities, shares, ETFs and cryptocurrencies; 
Available platforms xStation
Rights to request Reclassification to Retail Client

*Important note: Elective professional clients have less protections compared to Retail clients, such non-coverage by the Investor Compensation Fund. We encourage you to read carefully the protection rights you will lose by applying to become an elective professional client. You can find full information with regards the protections that professional clients are not entitled to in our Client Categorization policy.

Please be aware that the higher leverage applicable to professional clients leads to higher risks.


*For more information about the products you can refer to instrument specification 

* Please note that for Trading Accounts above $2 Million Leverage will be limited to 1:100