How to be reclassified as a Professional Client

Two out of the three Criteria below are required:

  • Carried out at least 10 trades per quarter with a total volume of transactions at least 500'000 EUR  (Leveraged).

  • Size of your Investment Portfolio (excluding illiquid assets such as real-estate properly etc) should exceed €500,000*

  • You have sufficient experience in the financial sector, or in a similar sector, for at least one year which requires knowledge of the transactions or services envisaged

Request Reclassification to Professional Client




Max leverage: CFDs on major currency pairs (eg. EUR/USD)* 200:1
Max leverage: CFDs on major indices (eg. DAX), gold, minor currency pairs* 200:1
Max leverage: CFDs on commodities other than gold (eg.oil)


Max leverage: CFDs on cryptocurrency (eg. bitcoin) 5:1
Negative balance protection
Segregation of funds on accounts  
Range of markets CFDs on currency pairs, indices, commodities, shares, ETFs and cryptocurrencies; 
Available platforms xStation
Investors Compensation Fund up to €20'000 per client Not Applicable
Rights to request Reclassification to Retail Client

Instrument Specification
Client Categorization Policy

* Please note that for Trading Accounts above $2 Million Leverage will be limited to 1:100